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We have set up two small do-it-yourself studio’s: 
1. A Click-and-Go Studio in the Teaching Lab (building 32a); 
2. A more advanced studio in our office at the NewMedia Centre (building 32; the IDE Faculty).
These spaces are extremely useful for the creation of educational video.
The Teaching Lab studio provides a recording system based on a Power Point presentation. After reading the 
manual you can record everything yourself according to ‘plug & play’ principles.

The micro studio at the NewMedia Centre offers six different virtual sets, the use of different document formats like PDF or Power Point, and the recording of screencasts.
Both studio’s are equiped with green screens.

First time user and need help? Let us know in the registration form, and we can help you getting started.
Below you can fill out a form to make a reservation of the DIY-studio or the micro studio.

More advanced studio in the NewMedia Centre

  • Use your own laptop to present
  • Choose between multiple virtual sets
  • Three systems available to control your recording

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If you encounter any problems filling in the form please contact us.

Click & Go studio in the Teaching Lab

Unfortunately we had to temporarily close this mini-studio due to technical issues. We are working hard to be operational again as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Meanwhile – as an alternative – you can still book the  mini-studio in our office at the NewMedia Centre.

Terms & conditions

  1. Our Do-it-yourself-studio is a dedicated facility for TU Delft employees/lecturers (NOT for students). Therefore there will be NO approval on your request if your email address does not end in
  2. Filling in your employee number is required as well. This number is printed on your TU Delft Identity Card.
  3. There is room for a maximum of two persons in the studio, of whom one is the presenter and (if necessary) one is assistant.
  4. In case of malfunction of any studio equipment NewMedia Centre reserves the right to change or cancel previously approved reservations;
  5. NewMedia Centre assumes no responsibility for any technical issues on our equipment occurring during your stay at the studio.