The VideoBox TL

The Video box is a soundproof mini studio (max 1 person) where you can record videos in multiple formats. Located in the Teaching Lab and Available from 9 -17 hrs during weekdays. If you are a first-time user, make sure you read the manual and watch the instruction video here.

The Video box is in the Teaching Lab is only available for TU Delft teachers.

During your first visit you will be guided by a host from the teaching lab. So please let us know if you are visiting the Teaching Lab Video Box for the first time.

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High Quality Audio & Video

Bring your powerpoint, read your script from the autocue and create a high quality video.

Max 1 persons

The Video Box in the Teaching Lab fits 1 person.

Located at the Teaching Lab

The Video Box TL box is located in the Teaching Lab  at de Landbergstraat 19, 2628 CE Delft.

Manual & Instruction Video

Please have a look at the manual and/or watch the video to receive tips, tricks and instructions on how to use the Video Box. If you have any further questions then please contact us

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