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Pricing & billing

We have fixed hourly rates for most of our services:

Fixed Pricing
46 hour
  • Video / Podcast Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • XR Development
  • 360 Images & Video
200 hour
  • 500€ per 4 hours
  • High-end Studio
  • Green Screen / AutoCue
  • Studio Technician
For Students
FREE services
  • XR support in the XR Zone
  • Acces to the Media Lab
  • DIY Video Studio
  • Podcast studio


In case you need a video shoot on location, or you want media support for your live events, costs are depending on the amount of equipment that is needed to fulfill your wishes. In these cases, we can always make a cost estimation after an intake interview.

Sometimes our customers ask us why are there costs involved? The NewMedia Centre is part of our university and normally we do not pay for university services. The NewMedia Centre is an exception. 

The NewMedia Centre gets, like all other university departments, a yearly lump sum amount. All NMC employees receive their salary (yes, we do get paid for our great work), we can afford some new equipment and pay for some licenses we need for media production.  But to stay up to date in equipment, software and hardware, to afford repair or hiring of extra temporary personnel, we do charge costs for part of our services.

Don’t worry! Our rates are still less than the commercial prices offered by the industry and thereby making it very appealing and accessible for teachers and researchers to use our media production services.

Terms of use for VideoBox Studios

At NewMedia Centre, we understand the importance of privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. By using our Video/Audio Box Service, you agree to the following terms and conditions: 

  • We will store your email address on our web server to contact you regarding your bookings, which will also allow you to make future bookings without verification.  
  • We will store all videos and audio recordings created in our studios on a separate local hard drive. We will not share, sell, or use this content. However, we do (sample-) check this content for abusive or inappropriate content, and we may investigate if any damage or defects are found in our studios. We will contact you in case of abusive or inappropriate content or inform appropriate authorities. 

  • We will keep a copy of your recordings on the Studio desktop for you to copy to a USB drive. It is your responsibility to remove this copy after you finish using the facility to ensure future users do not have access to your content. 



The TU Delft NewMedia Centre facilitates audio and video recordings for employees and students at Delft University of Technology. The NewMedia Centre and Delft University of Technology are not responsible for content created in the DIY Video/Audio Box.  


NewMedia Centre is a department within Delft University of Technology. Therefore, we hereby refer you to the TU’s privacy statement page through this link.