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The XRScaleKit is a collection of projects and concepts that resulted in a toolkit for scalable XR development. The NewMedia Centre XR Zone frequently encountered issues in network, authentication and hosting etc. while building and scaling up XR applications, which led to the initiation of various MediaLab projects to address these challenges.

The journey began in 2019 with a project named “Classroom Controller,” which was designed to empower teachers with better control over larger groups in virtual reality (VR) environments. This was followed in 2022 by the “App-Manager” project, which focused on managing XR applications on a server to streamline application installation and version control.

Between these two key projects, several other solutions were developed, gradually leading to the concept of creating a reusable toolkit. We are now excited to share our progress on the XRScaleKit, a comprehensive toolkit designed to accelerate our XR development and enhance its scalability in education.

The XRScaleKit is a collection of projects and concepts that resulted in a toolkit for scalable XR development


A quick overview of our current toolkit in development


Manage and remotely install XR applications from a centralized location with support for mass device management.

Remote Control

Monitor, control, and screen share with XR applications remotely, complete with progress tracking and minimap views.


Implement secure Single Sign-On for XR environments, streamlining user authentication and access.


Securely upload, store, and manage application data, with tools for easy viewing and analysis.


Host multiplayer servers and support services on demand in the cloud, integrated within the Library.


A comprehensive set of accessible widgets and UI components designed specifically for XR environments.

Tutorial Level

A tutorial level designed to help users get comfortable with XR controls and interfaces before diving into main application.


Enhance user experience by adding intuitive labels to XR controller buttons, indicating their functions.

Web Application

Desktop Client

Unity Plugin

Unreal Plugin

Building and testing the applications

The XRScaleKit is an ambitious and evolving project currently under active development. We are excited to share our progress and vision for a comprehensive toolkit designed to speed up our XR development. We invite you to stay engaged as we continue to innovate and expand the possibilities of XR with new tools and innovations.

Below you can see the video where Luuk Goossen is testing the Remote Control application in a classroom with 25 students. The test was done using the “Virtual Lab for applied science” application that is build for TU Delft Assistant Professor Bijoy Bera by NMC developer Yosua Adisapta Pranata Andoko.

Stay in touch!

We believe this project might have great potential for other universities and institutions as well. If you have any questions about the complete or part of the project do not hesitate to contact us, please fill out the contact form and reach out to the MediaLab or XR Zone.

Arno Freeke,
Luuk Goossen

Luuk Goossen (Lead),
Yosua Pranata Andoko,
Sharif Bayoumy

Project Coordinator:
Roland van Roijen

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