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IoT Bridge

This MediaLab project aimed to connect IoT sensors based on the SeeedStudio Grove platform to most used game Engines using a socket library and proved to be successful. Providing students and researchers with an easy way to use IoT sensors in their projects at the NewMedia Centre XR Zone. IoT sensors are sensors that can measure things like: Pressure, Light, Gyroscopic & Acceleration, Temperature & Humidity, Proximity & Motion and more.

This technology can be used not only by game developers but also by students and researchers. By incorporating real-world data into game engines, students and researchers can explore new possibilities for immersive and interactive experiences.


By incorporating real-world data into game engines, students and researchers can explore new possibilities for immersive and interactive experiences.

The IoT Bridge is separated into three main components:

•    a Raspberry Pi SD image
•    Unreal Engine plugin
•    Unity plugin

The Raspberry Pi SD image contains all the necessary software and configurations to run the Grove sensors and enable communication between the sensors and the game engines. This image simplifies the setup process, making it easy for game developers to bring incorporating real-world data and physical elements into their projects.

The Unreal Engine and Unity plugins provide a seamless integration between the Grove sensors and the respective game engines, together with the Raspberry Pi SD image they allow for real-time data transfer and control of actuators. Developers can use the data from the sensors to drive various elements within the game engines, such as animations, particle effects, and physical simulations, creating more interactive and immersive experiences.

The three components work together to bridge Grove based IoT sensors and both game engines.

This technology provides a platform for experimentation and innovation in the field of Serious-Game development and other XR applications, making it an ideal tool for students and researchers looking to push the boundaries of what is possible in this field. The integration of Grove based IoT sensors with game engines through IoT Bridge provides easier access to a powerful solution for exploring the integration of real-world data and physical elements in XR projects.
To access this technology, visit the XR Zone located in the TU Delft Library.

Luuk Goosen
Roland van Roijen

Luuk Goosen
Yosua Adisapta Pranata Andoko

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