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Your visit to the Studio

Welcome! You’ve landed on this webpage in anticipation of your upcoming visit to our green screen studio. Here, you can download the latest PowerPoint templates in various colors, find helpful tips and tricks for your recording preparations, and explore a link to the scripting course provided by TU Delft. We are currently working on a number of tutorial videos about our studio that will later also be available on this page. Rest assured, we’ll keep all files here current and up-to-date. Make it a habit to check this page first for the latest tips and tricks!

Powerpoint Templates

Feel free to download a studio-optimized PowerPoint presentation from here. Take a moment to run the PowerPoint in presentation mode. The template includes helpful tips, tricks, and various intro/chapter slides. While the templates are consistent, they come in a variety of colors. Please note that the initial slides are not part of the template but are included for introductory purposes.

Blue Theme

Dark Blue Theme

Green Theme

Light Blue Theme

Orange Theme

Purple Theme

Red Theme

Yellow Theme

Studio background examples

Below you’ll find some examples of backgrounds that can be used in our studio. These are just a few examples; there are many more possibilities. When making your selection, please make note of the background number so we know which one you’ve chosen.
Would you like to use your own background or have one designed by us? This is definitely possible! Contact us for more information!

Improve your media skills by taking a course!

Scriptwriting, Presenting, and Effective use of Media

The Teaching Support department at TU Delft has developed a comprehensive scriptwriting course, spanning approximately 4 hours. Completing this course will serve as excellent groundwork before embarking on your scriptwriting journey. We highly encourage you to enroll in this course via the following link (Login using your NetID):