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Your visit to the Studio

Hi there and welcome! You are here on this website because you are coming soon to record in our green screen studio. On this page you can download powerpoint templates in different colors, find tips & tricks to prepare for the recordings and a link to the scripting course offered by TU Delft. We are currently working on a number of tutorial videos about our studio that will later also be available on this page. We will make sure that all files on this page are up to date. So always check this page first so you always have the latest tips & tricks!

Powerpoint Templates

Here you can download a powerpoint presentation optimized for recording in the studio. Please take your time to play the powerpoint in presentation mode. The template provides tips and tricks as well as multiple intro/chapter slides. The templates are all the same but available in a large range of colors.

Blue Theme

Dark Blue Theme

Green Theme

Light Blue Theme

Orange Theme

Purple Theme

Red Theme

Yellow Theme

Improve your media skills by taking a course!

Scriptwriting, Presenting, and Effective use of Media

TU Delft’s Teaching Support department, has developed a thesis course. The duration of this very useful course is about 4 hours and we as NMC highly recommend it. You can sign up for this course through this link: … (Login is via your NetID).
This course is good preparation before you start writing your script.